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blogger-Hiroshi 12-10-2007 09:35 AM

Talk is cheap!
I was chatting with hobby shop manager about recent kits quality has been upgraded, when Fosters sensei entered the shop without our notice. He suddenly jumped out and said, “Wh bother to spend time and money to improve product quality? In this new decade, we have a costless strategy!”

I and the manager looked at each other, knowing he was going to talk about his same old tactic. Fosters sensei continued, “If I want a sponsor’s kit to sell well, even though there are major faults, I will say it will look like the real thing and these are not of concern because the faults are partly hidden; On the contrary, I will nit pick competitor’s kit and magnifying all tedious issues, then the kit will not sell! If my voice is not enough, get more buddies for louder voice!”

After he left, the manager said, “He thinks no one noticed he’s following the same pattern. Whenever there’s an item from Dragon in direct competition with AFV Club and 3-Star, the organized anti-Dragon campaign starts.” He continued, “Pieces of similar passages being posted in different forums, a simplest comparison will show the clues!” I said, “My friend Scott taught me ‘Talk is cheap’, now I understand! Just spare some time to talk does not hurt your purse. Some company will organize to bad mouth competitor instead of invest to improve product quality.”

“Exactly,” the manager replied, “No wonder Fosters sensei suddenly becomes expert in Soviet vehicles, and nit picks Dragon’s T-34 that was not considered as issues in all previous T-34s. Talk is cheap!” he continued, “What’s even funnier is that, the cheerleaders said 3-Star’s Gepard will be better than Dragon even when both kits have not been released yet, so unbelievable!”

I told the manager, “We should understand he has difficulties, there’re not many sponsors out there. He has no choice but to please them. That’s why he suddenly becomes Soviet armor expert, and even got a Russian friend when AFV Club is going to release a T-34. I can imagine he can become whatever experts when necessary!” The manager sighed, “No wonder the hobby is full of negative voices nowadays! People will not buy more kits for these negative voices and the hobby deteriorates...”

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