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Post Q1. Why doesn't Dragon apply their injection molded zimmerit technology ...

Q1. Why doesn't Dragon apply their injection molded zimmerit technology to their Brummbaer Mid Production kit ?

A1 : DML Item 6460 Sd.Kfz.166 Stu.Pz.IV "Brummbaer" is released under the DML "Smart Kit" series, and therefore, is not designed with zimmerit included. Kits designed with injection molded zimmerit are specifically released under the series "Dragon Zimmerit". The two series are different and should be noted to avoid confusion.

When a technology is developed and applied for Dragon, it does not mean that it will become the new standard for Dragon kits. Just because one new technology is applied to one kit does not mean it will be applied to all kits. We keep the price and the customizability in mind for the modelers when developing each kit, thus the reason kits are released under different series.

While injection molded zimmerit certainly makes a modeler's task easier when building the kit, most advanced modelers prefer to apply their own. In addition to the challenge and the thrill of overcoming it, application of their own zimmerit differentiates their work from others which would certainly come in handy for judges when evaluating their masterpiece for a contest! This would be impossible to reverse had we included the zimmerit, and it is reason enough to release certain kits under certain series!
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