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Old 08-31-2006, 07:40 AM
blogger-Pawel blogger-Pawel is offline
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Icon Idea Modeling thoughts

"Our goals"
(Part I)

"Why modeling? Answer seems to be simple Ė except for those few who do it for money, the majority of us do it for fun!

Modeling is our hobby. But still it doesnít mean the same for every modeler. Some like to build models, but donít treat it seriously at all. They forget about modeling as soon as they step away from their workbench and return to ďnormalĒ life.

But there are also some modelers for whom this hobby is a true life passion. They have families, friends, they have regular jobs, but modeling is always with them. Part of their mind is almost always occupied by modeling problems, ideas and plans. Even if their jobs or personal lives require them to focus on other things, they return to thinking about modeling as soon as they can because it is a true relaxation for them. Iím one of those modelers. Thatís why it always annoys me when I hear or read comments like ďget a life, it is just a hobbyĒ when modelers who treat this hobby more seriously start discussions about details other can consider irrelevant. For some of us our hobby is our life! Even if we have happy and successful lives outside modeling, it is still extremely important part of our life. And we like to treat it seriously Ė treating something more seriously doesnít necessarily mean that it is not fun anymore!

So next time before you tell someone that it is just a hobby Ė think twice. Maybe for that person it is more! After all if you find some modeling discussion ridiculous and a waste of time, you can always just ignore it and donít spoil the fun for those who care more.

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Old 09-09-2006, 07:48 AM
blogger-Pawel blogger-Pawel is offline
MDFC blogger
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 3
Icon Idea "Our goals - part 2

"Our goals - part 2

"Okay, so we already know why we build models Ė for fun! But what is our goal when we do it? Probably there are as many answers to that as modelers in the world! Some build models just for the fun of modeling itself, others do it to build a collection related to some topic that fascinates them and yet others like to recreate moments of history in miniature. Some do it to win prizes at shows; others never show their work to anyone.
I think it is important to try to define your own goal. Once you do it, it is easier to focus on chosen subjects, styles and it helps to create your own approach to modeling. I feel that without any focus or defined goal, it is easier to lose interest in modeling quickly.

So what is my goal? Some time ago I was building models only for myself. Only my friends and family ever saw them, but they never showed much interest. And then came the Internet! I started posting photos of my models on various websites and discussion forums and discovered that it is actually fun to be able to share results of my work with others this way. I was able to learn a lot from other peopleís comments and I hope some people also benefited from my advice. But I still keep all my models at home and donít take them to any shows or clubs.

Iím not really interested in general history or current world events. Thatís why it doesnít matter for me if I build a model of US Army M1A1 Abrams tank in markings from exercise in Germany or from real war in Iraq. And thatís why I will probably never have more than one model of US Army M1A1 on the shelf. But I will also have models of Marine M1A1HC, Army XM1, M1IP, M1A1AIM, M1A2, M1A2SEP and other versions of Abrams tank. Thatís because I am really interested in current development and history of armor from technical point of view. I like to have multiple versions of vehicles and in my models I pay a lot of attention to properly represent all details specific for each variant. I do try to paint my models in historically accurate colors and apply correct markings, but only to create consistent and accurate replica of specific type of vehicle. Such approach to modeling also determines the way I finish and weather my models. I avoid putting loads of stowage gear on my models and heavy weathering because such things obscure details and make it most difficult to tell the difference between variants. I only apply as much weathering as necessary to make my models look like miniatures of real combat vehicles, but not necessarily in the middle of combat itself! For me a model looking like vehicle parked in a motor pool ready for inspection is just fine. After all every military vehicle was nice and clean when it was first issued to the troops and displaying them like that is just as accurate as covering them with tons of mud and crew gear!

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